Chicken Pakora Mix - 200g

An authentic tasting pakora complete mix with a blend of tasty spices.


• 300g chicken breast.

• Water

• A handful coriander - chopped.

• Cooking oil or low cal alternative for frying.


• Slice chicken into bitesized pieces.

• Add the pakora mix  and coriander and mix well.

• Gradually add water until a thick batter is created and ingredients are well coated.

• Heat oil in a deep fryer or frying pan to around 180 degrees. (At the correct temp a drop of batter should sizzle as it hits the oil, then float).

• Take one tablespoon of the mixture and carefully submerge into oil using another spoon.

• Fry for 5-6 minutes, or until crisp and deep golden brown.

• Drain on kitchen paper and serve with a warm mint dip (mix mint sauce with plain yoghurt).

Supplied in a 200g pack.

Item Specifics
Price: £ 3.99
Brand: Tongmaster
Product Code: TM03726
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Food&Drink - Nutritional Information
Energy (KJ Per 100g Seasoning) 1430 kJ
Energy (Kcal Per 100g Seasoning) 339 kcal
Fat (Per 100g Seasoning) 7.7g
Fat -of which saturates (Per 100g Seasoning) 0.6g
Carbohydrates (Per 100g Seasoning) 57.0g
Carbohydrates -of which sugars (Per 100g Seasoning) 5.2g
Fibre (Per 100g Seasoning) 0.1g
Protein (Per 100g Seasoning) 11.3g
Salt (Per 100g Seasoning) 17.5g
Energy (KJ Per 100g Product) 119 kJ
Energy (Kcal Per 100g Product) 28 kcal
Fat (Per 100g Product) 0.6g
Fat -of which saturates (Per 100g Product) 0.0g
Carbohydrates (Per 100g Product) 4.7g
Carbohydrates -of which sugars (Per 100g Product) 0.4g
Fibre (Per 100g Product) 0.0g
Protein (Per 100g Product) 0.0g
Salt (Per 100g Product) 1.4g
Food&Drink - Nutritional Ingredients
Ingredients Gram Flour Garam Masala Cumin Seeds Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Ginger Powder
Ingredients Gram Flour Garam Masala Cumin Seeds Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Ginger Powder
  Per 100g of Seasoning Per 100g of Finished Product
Energy 1430 KJ
339 Kcal
119 KJ
28 Kcal
Fat 7.7g 0.6g
Fat of which saturates 0.6g 0.0g
Carbohydrate 57.0g 4.7g
Carbohydrate of which sugars 5.2g 0.4g
Fibre 0.1g 0.0g
Protein 11.3g 0.0g
Salt 17.5g 1.4g
Note: The information provided is given in good faith and is based upon the product data supplied by the raw material suppliers.

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