British Natural Hickory Smoked Sausage Skins Casings Hog 34/38 10m over 33ft

These Natural smoked skins are ideal for hot dogs and gourmet sausages.

Our 10 metre of High Quality British Natural Hog Casings will give an approximate sausage fill of 6 - 8kgs in total. 

These casings will last up to a year if kept sealed in the pouch they arrive in so no need to worry about using them quickly.

These casings in total are over 10 metres long and will approximate sausage fill of 6-8kgs per strand.

The diameter is 34/38mm Uk breakfast size. These casings are perfect for home sausage making.

These casings are supplied salted to preserve them and give a longer shelf life.


Directions of use:

Soak the skins over night in cold water. Change water to lukewarm water 30 minutes before use . Slide tube over your sausage filler or slide casings off onto the nozzle and fill. After use, flush the casings with water, re-salt and store in an airtight container and refrigerate.

What is the shelf life of natural casings?

Salted casings or casings in brine: 1 year or more.

How do I keep any unused casings?

If you have any unused casings then cover in salt and store in an airtight container and refrigerate.

Additional information

As the casings are a Natural Product do not worry if the colour of the casings varies. Our casings are flushed and cleaned thoroughly before distribution to customers. If you receive these casings and find that they have a strong odour , this is merely a gas build up in the container.

Stuffing Diameter (mm)    Horn size (mm)  Sausages per lb (mm)

  • 19mm                     -            10-11          -      18
  • 21mm                     -            11-12          -      16
  • 23mm                     -               12            -       12
  • 26mm                     -            14-15          -       10
  • 28mm                     -            16-17          -        8
  • 30mm                     -            17-18          -      4/6
  • 32mm/34mm          -             18-19         -      4/6
  • 36mm/40mm          -             18-19         -      4/6
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